13.Comparison Between Neuron Models

Single Neuron Models

Hodgkin-Huxley Model

Biological principles: ion channel openness

This equation summarize the current run over the all ion channels. Three types of ion channels are considered: sodium channels, potassium channels, and unspecific leaky channels.

$C\frac{du}{dt}$ denotes the current across the capacitor.

This equation denotes the ionic channel currency, where m , n, and h could be analyzed with master equation.

Advantages: represent real biological process Disadvantage: computation-expensive

2D Model

Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Model

where $\tau_m=RC$ is the leaky integrator, so it yields this equation:

Nonlinear Integrate-and-Fire Model

Spike Response Model

no equations available

Izhikevich Model

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